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Real Market Masters is dedicated to helping real estate investors make the most of today’s housing market. This unique system is a step-by-step process that allows our students to focus only on the properties in any local market with the largest profit potential and that stand the greatest chance of selling faster than comparable real estate in the area. Read more…

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Brad Sides, master real estate investor and award-winning mentor, developed The Real Market Master system to help investors like you gain an edge in today’s competitive market. Brad lives by his motto, “Buy Right”, and has taught thousands of real estate investors nationwide the strategies for achieving financial freedom by buying the RIGHT properties in the right segment of the their real estate market – all based on real-world numbers and facts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the free training last?
A: The Real Market Masters FREE workshop generally runs about two hours and covers valuable training for those who are those brand new to the concept of real estate as well as seasoned professionals.

Q: What should I bring to the workshop?
A: Please bring a notepad and pen to take notes, because we are going to discuss many money-making ideas in that time.

Q: Can I bring a guest?
A: Absolutely. In fact, we hope you bring a guest. Discovering ways to build wealth is more fun when you have a friend or family member to share the experience.

Q: Will I have to buy anything?
A: You are not required to purchase anything. As we stress, not only is the workshop free, but when you attend, you will also receive a FREE GIFT. We do offer additional educational products and services at our workshops, but you are never under any obligation to buy.

Q: Will there be food at the workshop?
A: Food will not be provided at the free workshop. As we cover a lot of ground, we will need your undivided attention.

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What others are saying about Real Market Masters…

This training is absolutely AMAZING and highly motivating. We cannot recommend this class enough. Thank you so much for creating RMM and sharing it. You are changing lives through the way we all look at our investing markets. God Bless.–Michael T. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Brad created an amazing product that truly helps you to connect the many dots. Thanks for an awesome weekend, Brad! Wow!!–Reggie & Tara V. (Redondo Beach, CA)

Brad is GREAT! He’s SUCH a good teacher. I find I repeat his information with his ACCENT. Organization is clearly the solution for inexperience and Brad organizes so many aspects to remove fear, thereby permitting action to dominate one’s area, amazing. I am very appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of Real Market Mastery.–Greg H. (Darby, MT)

Wow!!!!! My is mind completely blown. Nothing I can say would really explain what I just experienced. I knew from the first day I saw this process months ago that this was the missing link. Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Brad has really created something amazing here. I finally feel like I know what to do next. Like I have the road map I've needed for 6 months.–J. King (Brooklyn, NY)


brad_buyrightTake Advantage Of Today’s Historic Real Estate Market
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